Friday, 28 April 2017

'Pakistan's ISI supporting fear based oppressor gatherings; Taliban, al Qaeda attempting to take control of Karachi'

Washington: Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is supporting psychological oppressor associations inside the nation, US legislators were told by a recently framed Muhajir (evacuee) amass which claimed dread outfits like Taliban and al Qaeda are attempting to take control of the port city of Karachi.

Agents of the World Muhajir Congress met individuals from The House Foreign Affairs Committee and advised them on charged solid association between the ISI and the psychological militant gatherings.

"We are apprehensive as Jihadi outfits are getting more grounded with the support of ISI, essential port city of Karachi which is the supply line of US and NATO could fall under the control of these fear gatherings," the letter said.

"We fear for the wellbeing of Karachi, Muhajir Nation and particularly kids, as these jihadi outfits are grabbing/snatching youthful poor youngsters and subsequent to mentally programming them, transforming them into suicide aircraft and religious devotees," it said.  

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